North Georgia Audio Video Inc.

Multi-Room Sound:
There are two basic types of whole house sound systems:
Multi-Room: allows the same music to be played and monitored throughout the home at the same time.
Multi-Room/Multi-Source: allows the entire home to be divided into several different zones where a variety of music sources can be played and monitored into many zones throughout. Either system can be installed and the homeowner can listen to music from any of a number of sources including: Satellite music, Cable music, Pandora, Internet Radio, iPod, CD’s, FM tuner, computer, etc..

Home Theater:
From basic TV surround sound to a fully dedicated home theater to multi-room theater possibilities. Our team of professionals will help you create a design that suits you … sophisticated, warm, entertaining, impressive, exciting or practical ... whatever your taste and style may be. Let your senses see, hear and feel the very latest in technology and design.

Keeping you current with the latest in high definition TV or LED through Satellite. 100% digital with Direct TV installed and integrated throughout the entire home. We can also help you with interactive capabilities to enhance the television experience. ALL Digital quality picture and sound.

Lighting Control:
Turn on a myriad of lights from any room in the home or from your vehicle as you arrive. Pre-set lighting scenes created for any room. From home theater lighting to entry lighting to motion-sensed security lighting, we can help you set a mood or see crystal clear with specialty lighting throughout.

Wireless systems for the entire home. From sharing internet access to printer and file sharing. Let us use our expertise to boost the performance and reliability of your existing network infrastructure or we can design and build a brand new network with capabilities and performance advantages that you have only imagined. Your challenges are our opportunities to solve your networking needs.

Ensure the integrity of your Security System by knowing that all monitoring is done from a LOCAL monitoring system to protect you from burglary and fire. Local monitoring provides rapid response and peace of mind 24 hours a day. No long term contracts. We offer reasonable rates and entire home protection.



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